Just Gene Therapy is a not for profit organisation established to raise funds for gene therapy for cystic fibrosis.

About us

Just Gene Therapy has been formed to provide vital funding to enable the work of the UK CF Gene Therapy Consortium to continue. It will focus on raising the necessary funds for a 'Wave 2' product, using a virus to deliver a correct copy of the gene to replace the faulty one in the lungs of those with cystic fibrosis (CF).

Whilst considerable progress has been made in developing a gene therapy for cystic fibrosis, it has been very costly and has taken many years.

Funding has now been secured for a double blind randomised trial of the first gene therapy product developed by the Gene Therapy Consortium.

Whilst the doctors and scientists are hopeful and indeed reasonably confident that this Wave 1 trial will demonstrate the viability of gene therapy, they liken it to the development of flight, where the Wright brothers demonstrated the possibility of flying, but it was some years before passengers could fly across the Atlantic.

Similarly, this first product may well prove the principle but the second one, already in the pipeline, may be the treatment that is of real benefit to patients.

Just Gene Therapy is raising money on behalf of Imperial College, an exempt charity*. All of the funds raised by Just Gene Therapy will go to internationally recognised research by the Gene Therapy Consortium. Without appropriate funding, this vital work could come to an end and the potential benefit to those with CF would be lost.

*The University is an exempt charity (not a registered charity) by virtue of the Exempt Charities Order 1962, and the Second Schedule to the Charities Act 1993. This means that the University enjoys all the privileges of charitable status (including exemption from income and corporation tax on its activities to the extent that they are in support of its primary purposes) without the obligation to register with, or submit accounts and annual returns to, the Charity Commissioners. Although the University is an exempt charity it must still comply with the principles of charity law. Under the Charities Act 2006, the Higher Education Funding Council (HEFCE) is responsible for ensuring compliance. As an Exempt Charity, the University has no charity registration number.



A gene therapy nebuliser

A gene therapy nebuliser

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