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University of Edinburgh

The UK CF Gene Therapy Consortium Strategy Group representatives from the University of Edinburgh are:

Dr Chris Boyd

Dr Chris Boyd is a Senior Cystic Fibrosis Trust Research Fellow and is Group Leader of CF Gene Therapy in the Medical Genetics Section of Centre for Molecular Medicine, Western General Hospital.

Chris acquired expertise in molecular biology through training in prokaryotic biochemistry and plasmid recombination in both bacterial and animal cells. His current main interest is in the development of non-viral vectors for pulmonary gene therapy, and he oversees a variety of research projects in the Consortium aimed at translating gene therapy into clinical practice.  A particular interest of the group is in developing sensitive assays for surrogate biomarkers of CF lung disease to allow monitoring of the effects of gene delivery. This is being achieved through a combination of microarray and proteomic approaches. Chris has been a Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh since 1999, following a ten year period as a postdoctoral researcher in the MRC Human Genetics Unit. He is also a member of the CF Trust's research advisory committee.

Dr Alastair Innes

Dr Alastair Innes is Clinical Director of Respiratory Medicine for NHS Lothian and Honorary Reader in Respiratory Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. As a member of the Strategy Group, he heads the clinical part of the CFGT research team in Edinburgh.

Alastair qualified in Edinburgh, and trained in Newcastle, London and Los Angeles before returning to a consultant post at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh. He has worked in Adult CF care for 18 years, during which time he was involved in initial trials of nasal CF gene therapy in Edinburgh.

Alastair's principal research interests are in novel clinical physiological measurements of airways disease, and their use to monitor disease processes and response to therapy.

Prof David Porteous

Professor David Porteous was appointed Professor of Human Molecular Genetics & Medicine, University of Edinburgh, in September 1999.

David's other roles include Head of the Medical Genetics Section, Chairman of the Molecular Medicine Centre, University of Edinburgh and Director of the Genetics Core at the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility, Western General Hospital Campus.

An Edinburgh first degree and PhD graduate in Genetics, David spent three years as a post-doctoral researcher in Oxford, before returning to Edinburgh to take up an MRC (Medical Research Council) Recombinant DNA Training Fellowship with Professor Ed Southern.

In 1983 he moved to the MRC Human Genetics Unit where he was closely involved in transforming the Unit into one of the leading centres in human molecular genetics.

A major focus of his work is the application of knowledge emerging from the Human Genome Project to the identification of risk factors, disease processes and new treatments for common disorders prevalent in the Scottish population. His work on gene therapy for cystic fibrosis includes developing the first transgenic model of the disease to show a lung defect that parallels the human disease.





Dr Chris Boyd


Dr Alastair Innes


Prof David Porteous
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